1 to 1 Coaching

My goal as an NLP Coach...

is to help you break the habits and thinking patterns that do you no good anymore...then the new you can shine bright.

'Be Happy'.

NLP Life Coaching Therapy for Women


I can help you -

~ resolve difficult relationships
~ cope with challenging or demanding colleagues or friends
~ help you cope with any problems you are having at home
~ help you cope with separation or divorce
~ conquer your fears
~ put worry away and curb the negative self-talk
~ get to grips with anxiety
~ stop reading stuff into what people say to you
~ sort your life out so that you can lead the life you deserve!

But most of all I can help you to change your life, boost your self confidence and change any emotional issues or feelings, thoughts and behaviours that have prevented you from being Happy.


How many sessions will you need?

On average you will need three sessions. You will begin to feel better almost immediately. Taking the first step is the hardest.

I look forward to seeing you soon x

Fees for NLP Coaching Sessions:
£60 - 1 hour
90 minutes: £75

Day and Evening Appointments are available for NLP Coaching Therapy

"As I spent many years as a Nurse, I have a special interest in women's health and wellness and a natural empathy for those who are struggling.

Your wellbeing is important to me and I will help you get back on track, smiling, feeling positive and excited for your future."

Andrea x


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