Anxiety Workshops


Anxiety Workshops For Women's Wellness

Group Workshops and 1 to 1 Sessions

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life.

Feeling anxious can be perfectly normal.

But some find it hard to control their worries and then it can often affect their daily lives.

I have been running Anxiety Management Workshops for many years and given talks to various establishments all over the UK and now run small groups and offer 1 to 1 Sessions for women who need help with this often debilitating condition.

My experience as a Senior Staff Nurse and Occupational Health Nurse for Ford Motor Company means that I have experience in this field and am informed and educated in the subject.

GROUP WORKSHOPS:  are for those women who are suffering with anxiety. They are usually held on a Saturday afternoon, 2pm - 4pm.

Topics covered:

Learn how anxiety starts physiologically, it's causes, treatments & different ways to help you cope.

You can talk openly without judgement in a cosy private & supportive environment.

We will finish the workshop with a seated short Mindfulness Meditation to help with anxiety.

Coffees, Teas & biscuits are provided.

Fees: Group Workshops (small groups only) £23.64

The Next Date is Sat 1st June - TO BOOK

PRIVATE 1 TO 1 SESSIONS: are for women suffering with anxiety and can be held days/eves and Saturdays.

Offering help and information as well as using a combination of talking therapy and personal coaching if appropriate.

Fee: 1 1/2 Hours £80

Please contact me directly to arrange: