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  • (A basic 1" OR 2.5cm removed from leg crease)


  • 2" is removed from the sides, going in narrow at the bottom & 1" off the top of pubic line and underneath just onto the butt cheeks are removed
  • No hair will show outside a High Leg Knicker (front only)


  • Intimate hair outside the thong knicker is removed. This leaves a strip of hair on the pubic mound & down over the labia and tapers in narrow as it reaches the butt cheeks
  • Includes butt crack. (Hair from labia is NOT removed)


All off or landing strip left on pubic bone. Ingrowing hairs are always removed, leaving you smooth and completely hair free. You can choose exactly how much you want off - please book in which grade of service you require below:

Please note: I do not do any Face/Brow, Arm or Leg Waxing any more as I specialise in Intimate Waxing.

Butt Crack only


Butt Cheeks only


Butt Crack & Cheeks


Extra Small Patches


Quality Really Is Everything....

  • Please note I don't do any Face Waxing, Arm or Leg waxing anymore as I specialise in Intimate Waxing
  • Please note that I do not offer intimate waxing to under 18's

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