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I’m a fully Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach


and Member of the Association For Coaching

and I have been lucky enough to train with the very best trainers.

I have trained specifically as a Life Coach and hold the necessary qualifications so that I can offer Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching.

I offer Life Coaching in my lovely Therapy Room in Chelmsford or via Zoom, so that wherever you are, you can reach out to me.


I work with a diverse demographic of clients of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom have a similar aim - to achieve their dreams and goals and
to find what makes them truly happy and how to get there.


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is forward-focused - what can we do to change it, improve it or make it work?

It will get you to where you want to be quicker in ways you may never have thought of because you were stuck.

I am flexible with your appointments, so, you can come only as often as you want to, BUT I do expect you to commit to the process and do the work!

I will challenge you at times.

Sometimes we get into bad habits of negative thinking which blocks us from moving forward.

We will explore how you can enhance and improve any areas of your life by utilising your own strengths and skills which you have probably lost sight of along the way.

I will support you so that you can excel in the workplace, at home and in your relationships and break through any barriers that are holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and goals.

So if you would like to take a journey to a new and exciting place,

Take that leap of faith and call me..

Are You Ready For Change?

My Style of Coaching

If you're looking for an over enthusiastic thirty something corporate 'man-up' type of Life Coach

then I am not the one for you! (I'm clearly the wrong side of thirty!)


I’m all about finding out how exactly I can work best for you..

..getting deeper into your head so we can both find out what's not working for you any more,

why you are who you are and behave how you do.


But wouldn't it be great to put all those negative thoughts and feelings to bed once and for all?

There's nothing more freeing than that!

Then we get to work on finding

ways to make any changes you want in your life.


Coaching is all about focusing on the future.

Whether it's your relationships, your health, your work life or yourself you're not happy with,


YOU have the ability and the resources to change anything you want.

It will be challenging, enlightening, rewarding and fun..

so, bring a pad and pen and let's get ready to work!

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Fees for 1 to 1 Coaching

1 hr session £65.

90 min session £90.

30 min Pep Talk Booster Call £35 (available via Zoom/Facetime/Telephone only)

A £30 deposit is payable to secure your appointment booking. Bookings cannot be held or saved for any length of time.

24 hrs notice is required to cancel/change your appointment or the full fee is charged.

Jane, Essex
Jane, Essex

I have been seeing Andrea for life coaching for a few months and she has been so helpful. There is no judgement when the tears flow and she is always so full of compassion and understanding. The advice I have been given so far has started to help me sort my life out and I would absolutely recommend Andrea to anyone who is feeling a little lost!

Smita, Essex
Smita, Essex

Throughly recommend! Andrea is warm and approachable so makes it easy to talk through any issues and helps you find the answers within yourself. Helped me solve the seemingly unsolvable!

Ella, Essex
Ella, Essex

Andrea bond literally saved my life. Andrea has a warm welcome and as soon as I arrived at this new place (which ofc I was anxious about) she greeted me with this big smile and warm energy that instantly put me at ease and made me feel happy. I had 6 months coaching with Andrea and it is safe to say that is is the best thing I’ve ever done, I feel like a new women and all she did was guide me. Andrea lead me through exercises, games and activities and dove deep into why I was feeling how I was and she just helped she really did change my life. Andrea is hands down one of the best people ive met in my life and If I could do more than 5 stars I would because saying I recommend her service is an under statement. Thank you Andrea !!

Len, Chelmsford
Len, Chelmsford

Excellent consultations.
Very professional.
Would highly recommend.

My goal as an Life Coach...

is to help you get to where you want to be...who you want to be and to enable you to

'Be Happy'.

Andrea Bond.   MAC, MANLP

Fully Qualified, Accredited and Insured

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