Massage Therapy

A Peaceful Place..

..where You Can Come to Completely Relax, Empty Your Mind & Leave Feeling Ready To Start Afresh!

Andrea has been a Teacher in all forms of Massage including Advanced and Sports Massage modalities and has not only taught at Chelmsford Adult College for 6 years but also had her own Advanced Massage Training School. Massage has always been her passion and she is very privileged to have had some well known celebrities as clients over the years.

Snuggled up under blankets on a warm heated electric couch ...


Candles flickering ... Warm oils … Heated Couch ... Soothing Music ... heaven!

EXHALE..30 mins £32

A relaxing Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage to de-stress and calm.

STILLNESS...45 mins £43

Feeling a bit low and lacking energy?

Are you waking up in the early hours and can’t get back to sleep?

Do you feel like your immune system is in need of a boost?

Does your neck ache? Do you feel tense?

Is your jaw tense – are you grinding your teeth? Is your throat feeling tight?

This wonderfully reviving Back, Décolleté & Neck & Throat Massage uses Pressure Points within the Pelvis, Back, Base of Skull & Neck to boost the Immune System and promote muscle relaxation.

You can choose your Aromatherapy Oil - choose from beautiful oils that have specific Aromatherapy ingredients.

Soothing slow Massage movements will ease muscle tension & spasm.

Massage of the Décolleté & Neck & Throat reduces feelings of anxiety and stress.

TENSION MELT...30 mins £35. 45 mins £45

For those suffering with tight muscles, aches and tension headaches.

A slow, therapeutic massage specifically targeting the muscles and tendons of the shoulders, neck and scalp.

BACK MASSAGE WITH HOT STONES...30 mins £40. 45mins £50

The Massage treatment is divided between Massage with warm volcanic smooth basalt stones and with the hands so you benefit fully from the heat acting as a muscle relaxant. This treatment is ideal for the treatment of stress, tiredness, aching muscles, tension headaches, insomnia and those who need to switch off and enjoy some true 'me time'.

COMPLETE CALM...60 mins £55. With Hot Stones £60

The Ultimate in relaxation...a full body massage with gorgeous Aromatherapy Oils. Feel completely rested and de-stressed with this slow, soothing massage. You can choose the Aromatherapy oil to suit your mood and body's needs. You deserve it!

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