Due to Coronavirus and current restrictions, sessions can be provided by: Telephone, Facetime, Zoom or Skype at a reduced rate for a temporary period.

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What is NLP Life Coaching?

I offer Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Relationship & Family Coaching at my spacious comfortable private Therapy premises.

I use a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and tools, which are based around psychotherapy and neuroscience, and Life Coaching strategies so that the way in which you think and feel can be changed so that your life becomes more enjoyable, meaningful and productive.
We can talk through anything that is affecting your life in a negative way, or talk through any anxieties, dilemmas, conflicts, relationship issues or anything that is holding you back or that you are unable to work through by yourself.

If you don't know what's missing in your life or don't know what's wrong, but just feel that there must be more out there for you or that's something's missing, then that's fine - I have a great tool for that too! Bring a pen and a pad and let's get ready to work - it's going to be fun!

I can help you to improve or change how you react to situations, show you ways to cope with conflict, challenging relationships, difficult situations or events that are stressing you or anything else life throws at you.

My focus is to enable you to move forward.

Once you move past all negative thoughts and feelings you have been holding on to, your new best life will start and you will be open to new exciting possibilites and opportunities.

Let me help you to help yourself.

I look forward to seeing you soon x

Andrea bond

My goal as an NLP Therapist...

is to help you get to where you want to be...who you want to be and to enable you to

'Be Happy'.

Andrea Bond


Fully Accredited and Insured


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