Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching focuses on:

  • Identifying and negotiating mutual wants, needs, values and goals
  • Addressing emotional and compatibility issues
  • Discovering and overcoming disagreements and obstacles
  • Developing mutual understanding and acceptance of differences in personality, habits and views
  • Developing strategies to be able to make mutually agreeable decisions
  • Developing coping mechanisms for work and home-life stresses and challenges

With the ultimate goal in building lasting trust, friendship, partnership and loyalty.


Who is it for?

Relationship Coaching works for any relationships, whether it be loving partners, parent/child, co-workers or family relationships. Where there are two people struggling to communicate, be heard or feel appreciated, Relationship Coaching will work!

That said, I will not work with relationships where there is actively violent behaviour or substance abuse/addiction.

If I feel that counselling or other specialised therapy is more appropriate for those who need help to address past hurts, mental health issues, or other behaviours that are beyond coaching, then I will refer clients in this instance.


How does it work?
My Relationship Coaching sessions are available for any relationships that aren't working! It could be couples, family members or co-workers.

I will coach each participant separately initially. This helps me to clearly define the needs and wants of each party and work out the best way that you can both work together for a healthier, more productive and peaceful future. It also gives each person to speak freely about they see are the issues without the other objecting or interrupting. You will then be invited to attend together when I feel the time is right. (You may be happier to work separately).

The sessions focus on the future, because no matter what happened in the past, you can make it better and learn to respect, appreciate and move forward with all parties moving in the same direction. Not against each other, but beside each other.
I would recommend 3 - 5 sessions at fortnightly intervals. Each session being 60 or 90 mins. Every person is different, so you may need fewer or additional sessions.
I don't charge for a 'course' of sessions; you simply pay at the beginning of each session as and when you need them.

The first session will involve me getting to know you, your life and your wants and needs. When you come for your next session, we will start working through the issues you outlined previously and how we can make it work for the future in your relationship. This gives us the foundation for future sessions.

If, and when you come together for sessions we will be able to see how what you have learned is helping you work together and I will be there as a third-party offering guidance and support.

Relationship Coaching will give positive results quickly and will have an impact on any relationship that is struggling.
So, if your colleague, family or loving relationship is not working and you want to keep it, then book up a session now and let's make a difference.

couple andrea bond

Coaching for Business Colleagues

You could be in a business partnership or be having difficulties with a colleague at work?

Couples Coaching for partners and married couples

'Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.' Gordon B. Hinckley

Family Coaching

Talking Therapies such as NLP Coaching can help you with difficulties you may have with relationships within the family. Let's get straight to to root of the issue and resolve it.

Bored Teenage Girl Being Told Off By Mother


"We didn't know what to expect, but Andrea was amazing. She is patient yet focused and she has helped us massively." S & P Braintree

"I was having problems with my ex-husband and whilst he wouldn't come to the appointments, Andrea has really helped me look at everything in a much less destructive way. I know now that I will be fine!"

"All we did was argue about petty stuff. The love seemed to have gone. We didn't speak to each other much at all. We tried therapy but nothing improved. So, by chance we found Andrea. She seemed to 'get' what was happening pretty quickly and by the 4th session we actually started to laugh at things again together. It has been hard work but really worth it."  T & S, Colchester

holding hands Relationship Coaching with Andrea Bond


I do not expect you, or want you to commit to a lengthy course of sessions!
You won't need to!

I get quick results because I can see what maybe you can't. Then all we need to do is create a workable strategy to best solve all the issues.

1 hr - £60.

90 min sessions: £75
Payments are required at the start of each session.

24 hrs notice is required to cancel/change your appointment or the full fee is charged.


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