Keep The Love Alive.

All partnerships have their ups and downs. Some more than most. What if you are starting to lead separate lives? Going out with your pals more. Withdrawing. Bickering.

How Can I help you get the love back?

First of all, I try to find out what are the main conflicts in your marriage/partnership. The most common ones are:

  • Money
  • Work – causing time away from the home
  • Trust
  • Sex
  • Children causing divisions
  • Infidelity
  • Role change – i.e from being a working to stay at home parent
  • Retirement; “He’s around the house all day, getting under my feet!”

Then I try to work out what you both want?

The ultimate goal might be that each of you just want to feel needed and wanted. You both might want something totally different.

How can you keep the Love?

With help, guidance, compromise, mediation and negotiation!

For More Information on how I can help you Click Here

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